Safe Sample Prep - Rotors Level

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  • BioC (BioCertified)
    BioCertified is a term used to describe our products which have been tested and validated to demonstrate containment of microbiological aerosols by an independent, third-party facility (Health Protection Agency, Porton Down, UK). Improper use or maintenance may affect seal integrityand, thus, containment.
  • BioE (BioEnhanced)
    BioEnhanced is a term intended to describe our products’ enhanced level of biocontainment by design.
  • BioSafety
    BioSafe and BioSafety are terms intended to describe the enhanced biocontainment features of our products.

Enhanced biosafety for your lab users during centrifugation

Containment of biological agents and infectious substances is an essential element in maintaining a safe environment for biomedical and microbiological laboratories, Biosafety Levels labs, and vaccine production facilities.

  • A transparent design that enables you to check for broken labware
  • Protection from aerosol leakage and spills from rotor buckets
  • Biocontainment* that has been third-party tested
  • Bucket covers for 1.5 mL tubes to 750 mL bottles
  • Microplate carrier covers for 96-well plate format

Rotor Features

Fluid Containment Annulus Rotor has a fluid-containment annulus, located below the O-ring sealing surface. If tubes/bottles are overfilled or if leakage occurs during centrifugation, the annulus holds enough volume that all of the liquid is kept inside the rotor - even if all tubes leak at the same @me. This feature virtually eliminates the escape of liquid into the centrifuge chamber.

Dual-locking Lids The dual-locking lid assembly allows the rotor to be loaded into and removed from the centrifuge with the lid attached. The rotor may be placed under a safety hood before the lid is attached or removed. The rotor is also available with a single-locking lid assembly. The rotor has been tested† with both lid configurations to demonstrate containment of microbiological aerosols under normal conditions of the associated Beckman Coulter centrifuge when used and maintained as instructed.

Dual-Locking Lids provide sample containment by enabling the rotor to remain sealed while being transported to a biocontainment hood.

Hermetic Seal Lid and cap assemblies for fixed-angle and swinging-bucket rotors are designed to create a hermetic seal with the O-ring when used in a hard-vacuum environment.

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