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Beckman Coulter's robust offerings in BioSafe labware work in conjunction with our rotors and centrifuges to help your lab achieve the highest level of biocontainment possible. From our Opti-Seal and Quick Seal Tubes, 1L Biocertified bottles to our Harvestline System Liners and Sterile/Certified Free Tubes, we have solutions to fit your bio-safety needs whether you are investigating the causes of diseases, finding potential new cures or protecting your samples from degradation and contamination during your studies..

Quick-Seal and OptiSeal Tubes
Quick-Seal tubes Provide secondary BioSafe* containment or for runs requiring cesium chloride gradients.. Seal with a simple, hand-held sealing tool without plugs or o-rings. Available in both round and konical bottom.

OptiSeal Tubes Employ patented technology to provide a fast, reliable seal every time. Seal with a finger-touch and without tools, heat, or closure verification. Wide necks offer effortless filling and fraction collection

3-Piece Bottle Assemblies & 1L Biocertified Bottles
Improved BioSafety* A protective O-ring provides better containment. Head space on the top of the bottle also helps prevent leakage. Bottle assemblies with both two and three-piece caps, bottles are reusable and ensure containment while centrifuging large volume samples

HarvestLine System liners eliminate time-consuming manual scraping of harvested solids from labware and enhance operator biosafety.

  • Reduce Biologics Exposure - One-way seal/valve reduces liquid spillage to minimize personnel exposure to biologics.
  • Minimize Sample Contamination Risks - HarvestLine bottle liners maximize biocompatibility, preventing contamination of valuable samples.


Sterile/CFREE Tubes
Ideal for Protein Prep and Virus Purification workflows, these tubes are certified free of detectable DNS, DNase, RNase, PCR inhibitors or endotoxins and sterilized via ethylene oxide.

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